FCA AGM - venues I like to participate

hi guys
It has been a while since I wrote last time but this means that lot has been done. I participated a FCA AGM and presented our club from north. During next week, there will be a decision from the PRH (patentti ja rekisterihallitus). So Oulu Cricket Club finally becomes registered club.
All in all, we are proceeding as planned. Next summer will be the summer of cricket in Oulu with OCC.
T: J


international cricket pages

heres some samples for potential lay out for the clubs webpages, from the international web page section.


greetings from Helsinki

Here some images from Helsinki. Images are from indoor cricket league and are taken on 30.1.2009. This game is fast, energetic and entertainin (although I have no profound experience in this game I think this is a perfect game for finns in all ages).
Thanks for my hosts for eventfull and entertaining night with cricket friends:)
T: Gokangaroo
for more indo drop by at the national associations site: