Tampere city

So, heres some fresh photos from saturdays empiring course (thanks to Jari for having me and the lads from Jyväskylä there, and most of all,, for arranging something like that in general). The pictures are taken with nokia 5800, so the quality might not do the justice for the game which was very fast. But you get the picture:)
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Posters for coming season 2009

So what do you say? Are they any good?


fair effort from FCA, congratulations :)

FCA winner of the Best Junior Cricket Initiative Award

ICC Europe announces Regional Winners of Pepsi ICC Development Programme Awards for 2008

FCA was the winner of the Best Junior Cricket Initiative Award was the Finnish Cricket Association (FCA) for their Junior Girls UK Tour and associated cricket training camps and schools programme in Finland. The vision and enthusiasm of FCA Cricket Development Officer, Maija Scamans, in driving this project forward stood out amongst the entries this year.

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Best Junior Cricket Initiative

Relates to a new initiative that has given young players the opportunity to play cricket in an organized competition, therefore enhancing the long term development and viability of cricket within the community or country.

Winner: Finnish Cricket Association


sketch for logo

just something i did this morning


spincricket.com podcast site under construction

Since you can easily download anything using the free internet in Oulu (panoulu), I have to recommend spin magazines podcasts (http://www.spinpodcast.com/). Unfortunatelly the site is currently under construction (it was open just a couple days ago,, hope it will open up soon).
Luckily BBC website (good for crikcet stuff as well)is not under construction (http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/podcasts/directory/).
enjoy and have a good week end