equipment order form Helsinki

Here they are. OCC cricket equipment for the summer season.


Deccan Chargers and cricket ground vote

In case you missed it,,, IPL champion for this season is Deccan Chargers.
And for those who might have missed the statistics of voting.. tonight at 20:00 there was already 16 votes casted for cricket ground.
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Images from possible cricket grounds

So here they are... possible cricket grounds for season 2009
there will be voting system in OCC webpage soon, so you can cast your vote there.
Also the Linnanmaan field is one of the possible cricket grounds ( I just dont have any pictures of it -- if someone could send me one?)
any how here they are
Oulunsuun koulu, Välivainio and Alppila

Frist 3 images from OULUNSUU

next 3 images from VÄLIVAINIO

and last 3 images from ALPPILA


thank you for all the attendants in the Grand Meeting

Once again thanks all for participating and hope to see you soon on the cricket fields. There will be additional mail soon (regarding to the training session times and dates),, after we manage to create mailing list (hopefully during wednesday or so). And,, keep on watching the website for updates before the season kick off.
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grand opening meeting....

new poster is on display at


IPL fake blogger

Kolkata Knight Riders' Murali Kartik, left, denies he is behind the Fake IPL Blog.

have you seen this blog yet?

Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag and Shane Warne are all well and good, but for genuine star quality in the Indian Premier League look no further than Bhooka Naan, Phoren Baba and Lordie. They all exist, but only as pawns in an online mystery currently being perpetuated by the so-called Fake IPL Blogger, whose regular updates supposedly from the inner sanctum of the Kolkata Knight Riders dressing room have set tongues wagging on both sides of the Indian Ocean.

The blogs, posted at fakeiplplayer.blogspot.com, have included such in-depth accounts of team meetings, many of them centering on alleged tensions between the central characters of the IPL's most glamorous franchise, that many web users do not want to believe the whole thing is a hoax. Especially when the coaching methods of Bhooka Naan (John Buchanan, the former coach of Australia) and the power base of Phoren Baba (Brendon McCullum, Kolkata's New Zealand captain) so plainly irritate Lordie (the deposed skipper Sourav Ganguly) in real life.