thank you for all the attendants in the Grand Meeting

Once again thanks all for participating and hope to see you soon on the cricket fields. There will be additional mail soon (regarding to the training session times and dates),, after we manage to create mailing list (hopefully during wednesday or so). And,, keep on watching the website for updates before the season kick off.
T: J


Anonymous said...

Could you please summarize the decisions taken at the meeting, so those who couldn't attend the meeting can get updated? And I wonder why you have to wait until start of June...I think we should take advantage of the good current weather...never trust Finnish summer, so better to take advantage of as many sunny days as we have (starting from May).

Kangaroo said...

Good point
Lets hope the summer is better than previous one (knok on wood).

The reason why we start in the first week of june is mainly because we have arrangemets to do --

such as voting for the cricket ground which is open for all interested players (see it on ouluCC website soon). We wnat to have as many people attending the games as possible so that is why all the player can vote for their favourite ground and possibly for the day and time also.

Also the question about the decisions made in the grand opening is current.

We made a small presentation to the meeting and showed it there. There was lots of good comments and ideas (suchs as lifetime mebership fee, insurances etc.) Those things are something we are working at this moment also.

But for anyone who wants to join in,, the most inportant thing is to mail us oulucricketclub@gmail.com, so we can add you on the mailing list. And also if you want to save money,, there are instructions on the website on how to pay the 30 euro season fee for OCC.

Thanks for questions
I hope I managed to answer well
T: J / Chairman