Fielding training starts

Starting from 4.7.2009 saturdays training session will include fielding training

* fielding drills will deal with;
+ close catch,
+ catching in the deep,
+ overarm throw,
+ one-handed intercept,
+ two-handed intercept,
+ crow hop
+ retrieving the ball,
+ the long barrier,
+ wicketkeeping (standing up and standing back)


kwik cricket set has arrived

in case you want to know more, drop by at the training session or see;http://www.cricketsupplies.com/kwikcricket.asp
our set is the medium size...


tonights session images and also some from last thursday

Heres some captures from tonights game.
It was good to see new players and some pretty amazing bowling going on there.
so here thay are,, randomly selected images from tonight and last thursday.
Take care


Välivainio field

The Välivainio field is now booked for OCC, on saturdays from 14:00 to 16:00.
See you there, also.


Alppila field is out of use

The Alppila field is out of use.
Starting from monday we are looking for new ground to substitute the Alppila ground.
This saturday there was training session in Välivainio ground, which turned out to be good area to play cricket.


saturdays game at 14:00

Hi guys
It was good to see so many players last thursday.
Hope to see you also tomorrow. For more details see the OCC website and ground info.


kokeile krikettiä ilmaiseksi / try cricket for free

kokeile krikettiä ilmaiseksi / Try cricket for free

Viikolla 23 jokainen lajista kiinnostunut voi tulla kokeilemaan krikettiä. Oletpa sitten ensikertalainen tai kokeneempi pelaaja, niin kentällä on aina tilaa ystävien parissa. Tarkemmat ohjeet pelipaikoista löytyvät kotisivuiltamme (http://sites.google.com/site/oulucricket/Home)

Week number 23 will be free for everyone. So if you want to try cricket for first time or just brush up your skill for the sumemr season, feel free to drop by and join the game. For more info about the grounds and sessions see webpage (http://sites.google.com/site/oulucricket/Home)

No previous experience needed.