Images from possible cricket grounds

So here they are... possible cricket grounds for season 2009
there will be voting system in OCC webpage soon, so you can cast your vote there.
Also the Linnanmaan field is one of the possible cricket grounds ( I just dont have any pictures of it -- if someone could send me one?)
any how here they are
Oulunsuun koulu, Välivainio and Alppila

Frist 3 images from OULUNSUU

next 3 images from VÄLIVAINIO

and last 3 images from ALPPILA


Anonymous said...

I think its very hard to get an idea what sort of grounds are they just by looking at the pictures. The size and expansiveness of the ground is important but as per my experience, for cricket the most important thing is the wicket i.e. It should be hard enough to be playable (none of us would like to have West Indian wickets of 50s =) where the ball used to go zig zag after the ball was balled ).

And what the pictures show is that most (or all) those grounds are
football grounds and I'm afraid if it would be possible to play
quality cricket on football pitches.

I hope and am sure you guys have taken all these things in
consideration but thought to point out just in case.

Kangaroo said...

The pitch turf is really important. And if everything goes as planned, we might have a chance to improve Alppila pitching turf to our likings (in some limits naturally).

Alppila is only place which is not used for football, but for paintball shooting game. It even has artificial grass on it (plastic or something like that)

I encourage everyone to go and visit these site, because you make the decision of which ground we play on.