backyard cricket

Hi guys
Once again we survived the working week.
As I mentioned in my earlier post this week, we have many options on how fast and on what intensity we get involved in the national level cricket. But one thing which I think we all can agree is that everyone who wants to play can play. So there should be multiple levels of cricket teams and games that we play here in Oulu. After all, it wont be long when we can teatch cricket in schools for the kids. Think about that also.
But for now... It is week end so let us enjoy our wel earned time with family and friends,, and maybe some cricket literature also. And to get your brains in the week end mode I am giving you an idea. In Australia they used to play cricket everyhere,, it was called backyard cricket. Have you ever thought of palying cricket here in Finland on ice? If not ,,, look at this you tube video from estonia:

ps. there is partial nudity in the you tube videoi so it might not be suitable for youngsters

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