prosess of the team

Hi everybody
As I promised to tell about the prosess of becoming a team, here it is.

I made first contact with the national cricket assosiation in Finland couple of months ago and we are in the prosess of finding options for the club. These options involve of how and what kind of club establish in Oulu.

As you propably know, the other national level clubs are in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku and Vaasa. So we are to be the most northern club in Finland (at least at the moment). The distance from Oulu to Helsinki is about 8 hours ride in bus. So I am interested to hear and read your opinion of do we wish to partisipate in competition level and when?

What comes to the actual timetable: If we would like to start palying now, we would need a indoor place. To apply for these premesis is not difficult, but they are very popular. We might not be able to get a indoor place in the middle of the season, for this winter anymore, but for the year 2009-2010 it should be possible.

This means that the first games will be playen on summer 2009, outdoors.

About the equipment. For the team we need some basic equipment in the begginning. Also for the equipment arrangements I am still analysing our options. Also the idea of getting us a sponsor is important.

So, all in all. I need to dig deeper into the cricket acticity in Finland(there are certain customs in finnish cricket scene already and eventually we need to adopt some of those rules).

Eventually, when I have all the necessary facts, I could give you a presentation.

I hope this gives you some kind of idea where things are.

T:) Admin.

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