Feel free to...

(feel free to)... jump in and throw some ideas of how to get started in this cricket related blog. I am very open to any ideas related in developing this site, or cricket possibilities in oulu, in terms of promoting the grassroot level cricket in Oulu.

All the ideas will be published on this site.


ps. if you have any friends who are into cricket and like to develop this site, please let them know.

pss. as you can see we are just getting started, but form mailing list you can send me mail on gokangaroo@gmail.com


Jacob Matthan said...

How do we jump in? By commenting?

We are well over 100 cricket lovers in Oulu - mainly Indians, but some other nationalities as well - Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Australians, Brits, etc. If you are serious about this we can certainly get a couple of teams up and running.

Kangaroo said...

hi Jacob
Good to hear of you. I try to answer your first question like this:

The idea of this blog is to build and maintain a platform for cricket enthusiast to exhange ideas. If you have a good cricket related internet link or something else that you wish to shere with other cricketers,, this is the place. Maybe you know a good place to play cricket in Oulu that you wish to share with others or such..

And to your second question of how serious I am about this:

I am serious about this. This is an opening for a conversation of establishing a real team in Oulu.
In this case the blog is very important. Here we can share our thoughts on what kind of cricket to play and how seriously.


Jacob Matthan said...

There is an organisation called the Cricket Association of Finland. They have their own ground in Helsinki and they do organise tournaments. I was in touch with them about 7 or 8 years ago. If we want tostart something serious we must tie in with them.

Secondly we must get good gear. If we are serious I can ask MRF India, who sponsored and ran the 1990 World Cup in India and who run the MRF Pace Foundation (and also are one of the primary sponsors of Sachin Tendulkar) to step in and give us some support. (The company is family!)

Thirdly, the Indians have been playing cricket at a field near India House in Välivainio. It is a great field and can be used in summer and autumn. (India House is wherte my office is and many Indians live in the flats in that house.

You can reach most Indians almost instantly through the O-India Google Group (which was how I heard of this effort from Balakumar).

How is that for starters?

Kangaroo said...

Hi Jacob
Thank you for commenting. You have very good ideas there. Getting involved with the national level organisation is important for the team. Especially if we wish to move to a national level and start competing. I have been in contact with them and will be also in the future. Building trust and good realtions is important but also takes time.

The second thing is super. If you ,or anyone for that matter, can get us a good sponsor it will define how well we can participate on national level.. or even in our own games. Besides, it is difficult to get cricket bats in Finland (maybe throught internet from britain). Sponsors are important.

About the cricket field. Do you play cricket in winter at all? Indoors might be one possibility. But that is just a thought. In Australia they used tennisball for playing indoor cricket. That might be one of the things to look into in the future?


Kangaroo said...

how do I get into O-india? I send a request for the group, but I have not heard anything yet.

Jacob Matthan said...

To get into O-India, please send me your email address and user name to use and I will register you. Otherwise if you had applied directly you would have got a reply requesting that you show your connection to Oulu and India. Only then do the Modertators take up the case. The field near India House is for summer. To get a place for winter you will have to approach the Oulu City Sports Department. I have one bat in India House but no stumps etc.

Kangaroo said...

mail is joose.kankare@gmail.com
and username is Alex